Born as a port of JooCommerce, the best Shopping Cart Extension for Joomla, made by the same author, used on thousands of websites around the world, and re-built from zero with the Grav and flat-file CMS concepts in mind, leveraging Twig, YAML, Markdown.

Easy to use, simple to extend We don't like things complicated.


Settings stored as clean YAML files

The popular YAML format makes it super easy to change anything in your shop. Via Admin interface, or via files.


A Perfect Platform to Build Upon

Pluggable and extendable. Ships with several free plugins to start with.


Easy to Use and Customize

It does not come with dozens of options. Just the core ones. Then you can extend via addons.

Comes with these free checkout options



PayPal Express Integration. Supports the PayPal Sandbox too.



Stripe Checkout Integration. Easily supports testing.

Simply Awesome

Packed with the most important features. Addons extend the core to provide more functionality.

Email notifications

Custom checkout

Multilanguage ready

Supports any currency

Custom shipping

Taxes support

Leveraging Open Source

The payment system is based on Omnipay, the leading PHP payment processing library from The PHP League. Easily create new checkout plugins.

Security in mind

Built battle-tested code, our current checkout plugins (Stripe and PayPal) handle transactions on their respective sites. No credit card data is passed to your site, and we highly recommend using HTTPS to keep data private and transactions secure.



Grav Shopping Cart does not use a database. It's all file based, just like Grav. There are several advantages by using this approach:


A nice Admin Panel for Users

You don't need to be a guru to use it. You can use the Admin Plugin to get the orders data nicely organized, in a user-friendly way. Its integration with the Admin Plugin lets less technical users manage products with an easy to use interface.

Advanced but Easy to Use

Use any currency

Sell in any currency used in the planet. No multi-currency yet.

Link shipping options to each separate country

Set some options only for some countries, to easily handle domestic and international sales.

Filter countries

Optionally only allow purchases from a set of countries. Optionally deny purchases from some countries.


Using Grav's multilanguage capabilities, create product translations or sell some items only in a language.