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Released 1.1.0-beta.1

Today I published the pre-release versions for Shopping Cart core and addons. Some pretty new stuff I've worked on in the last 2 months.

They will appear soon in the Testing channel of Grav 1.1.

Let's see a summary of the most important changes.

New Core Features

  • Ability to configure the plugin options via the Admin interface
  • Ability to edit the product through the Admin Pages view. Can currently set the price and set the default picture from the page media
  • Added more events to support more addons features.
  • Added the ability to show the cart widget on pages not directly managed by the plugin (e.g. default pages, blog or any other page).


  • Changed structure of the Twig files: shoppingcart has been removed in favor of shoppingcart_categories, shoppingcart_section is now shoppingcart_categories, shoppingcart_category is now shoppingcart_products. shoppingcart_product is the product page. Please rename your markdown pages accordingly. There's backwards compatibility, so at this point things will continue to work fine, but the old filenames are deprecated and will probably removed the future.

Of course there were also bug fixes, various code improvements and minor changes here and there. Those interested in the small details can have a look at the GitHub commits, as always.

New Addons

Working with version 1.1 of Grav Shopping Cart are some new free addons that i now "soft launch", although they will take some days to be in the GPM, you can now install them manually:

Manual Checkout

Also called "Offline payments". This gateway is useful for processing check or direct debit payments. It simply authorizes every payment.

Very useful for easy and fast testing, as there's no need to "fake" a purchase using Stripe / PayPal sandboxes. Still, be sure to test those too when testing that their specific integration works.

Email Notifications

Enables email notifications triggered when the order is confirmed. See usage instructions.

Product Variations

This addon adds an option in the Admin panel to have variations on your products. The variation options will be shown in the product page. You can set an option to be required, or optional.

There's still an issue, the "Variations" option is added to all pages currently, will be solved for its final release.