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GravCart 1.1 beta progress

It's been a bit more than two weeks since I last wrote about version 1.1. In the meantime, some more beta versions were published.

Now it's all stable enough for a release, I'm basically waiting for Grav 1.1 to be out stable to publish it, as the Admin settings require Admin 1.1 to work in their tabbed interface.

If you can, test-drive version 1.1 beta on the Grav 1.1 beta release, and report any issue if you find one.

Here's the summary of the changes introduced since GravCart 1.1 beta 1:


  • Added the product image in cart (optional)
  • Added option to set the product image size in the product page
  • Added option to set the product image size in the cart
  • Added option to remove cents if the price ends with .00


  • Add support for Grav 1.0.x and Form 1.2.x in the 1.1 release
  • Extracted the Add to Cart code in a separate partial for easier override
  • Default to ignore some checkout information
  • Move onBeforeAddProductToCart and onAfterAddProductToCart events inside ShoppingCart.addProduct
  • Improved rendering of cart on mobile devices
  • Added support for shortcodes addon
  • Translate quantity string
  • Added first acceptance tests
  • Add wrapper div in order confirmation
  • If no checkout plugin is installed, alert the site owner. Currently alerting in the frontend since this alert is likely to be encountered just when building the site
  • Add a ShoppingCart.provinceIsRequired() utility function

Bug fixes

  • Fixed saving the cart when no shipping methods are entered. Also add payment info when there's a single shipping method, instead of omitting it
  • Fixed an error in namespace
  • Fixed issue with price > 999 and NaN shown when adding it to the cart
  • Fixed #24 "All countries without specific rule" not working as expected. And also cleanup some useless methods
  • Only require province is required, fix #25
  • Fixed #27 only execute controller tasks if available
  • Fixed labels in blueprint

That's it for now! More news soon :-)