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GravCart 1.1 released

With tons of fixes and improvements, GravCart 1.1 is now released.

If you spot any problem, let me know through the GitHub issues.

Full list of new changes since version 1.0.7:


* "Add to cart"-button functionality on products list page. Updated [#35](
* If no checkout plugin is installed, alert the site owner. Currently alerting in the frontend since this alert is likely to be encountered just when building the site
* Product image in cart, optional
* Added option to set the product image size in the product page
* Added option to set the product image size in the cart
* Add option to remove cents if .00
* Ability to configure the plugin options via the Admin interface
* Ability to edit the product through the Admin Pages view. Can currently set the price and set the default picture from the page media
* Added more events to support more addons features. Documented in the Plugin documentation site
* Added the ability to show the cart widget on pages not directly managed by the plugin (e.g. default pages, blog or any other page). Documented in the Plugin documentation site


* Add a ShoppingCart.provinceIsRequired() utility function
* Add support for Grav 1.0.x and Form 1.2.x in the 1.1 release
* Extracted the Add to Cart code in a separate partial for easier override
* Default to ignore some checkout information
* Move onBeforeAddProductToCart and  onAfterAddProductToCart events inside ShoppingCart.addProduct
* Improved rendering of cart on mobile devices
* Added support for shortcodes addon
* Translate quantity string
* Added first acceptance tests
* Add wrapper div in order confirmation
* Changed structure of the Twig files: `shoppingcart` has been removed in favor of `shoppingcart_categories`, `shoppingcart_section` is now `shoppingcart_categories`, `shoppingcart_category` is now `shoppingcart_products`. `shoppingcart_product` is the product page. Please rename your markdown pages accordingly. There's backwards compatibility, so at this point things will continue to work fine, but the old filenames are deprecated.
* Core reorganization
* More testing

Bug fixes

* Fix issue with shipping being reset while recalculated
* Fix #24 "All countries without specific rule" not working as expected. And also cleanup some useless methods
* Only require province is required, fix #25
* Fix #27 only execute controller tasks if available
* Fix labels in blueprint
* Fix saving the cart when no shipping methods are entered. Also add payment info when there's a single shipping method, instead of omitting it
* Fixed error in version number
* Fixed error in namespace
* Fixed issue with price > 999 and NaN shown when adding it to the cart
* Various small bug fixes and improvements